The “Not Your Jukebox” Rant

This page is meant to start a revolution, or rather work to put back right what has now gone wrong. People used to go to the clubs and raves to hear what they couldn’t hear anywhere else, to hear what WOULD be coming to radio, or maybe stay solely on the dance floor. The night life used to be the cutting edge, the musical frontier. Now it is often just a repetition of what you have been subjected to all day long.

Technology is awesome, it puts everything in the palms of our hands, instantly. It makes us masters of time and space and helps to instantly fulfill our every desires. But technology has also made us spoiled, lazy, isolated, and closed-minded. We expect to get, or in the case of music, hear whatever we want when we want. That is great when you are at home, at work, or in your car, but you should really relinquish your obsessive control freak behavior when you step on to the dance floor.

I understand you will go through withdrawals and might be uncomfortable for a moment. I know¬†it is your favorite song, that is why you listened to it 30 times already today. Yes, yes I know you consider yourself quite the DJ and you have some really cool playlists. Yes, I know it is your birthday and that you brought everyone here. I am glad you informed me that no one is dancing to what is playing because no one likes it and of course you have impressed me with your musical knowledge of all the artists and songs you just requested and I know that you are stunned I don’t have or know about them all, but take a break from ruling every aspect of your kingdom for a couple hours and let someone else do the work.

I hereby challenge you all to open your minds, to let go of the song you have been listening to 30 times a day and accept that you may or may not hear it tonight. Open your minds and understand other perspectives of music and someone else’s interpretation of selection and order. Be on the cutting edge again and dance, dance, dance. DJ’s and musicians, I challenge you to say no to the crowd when they push you, work with them yes, but you are not a jukebox, don’t let them expect you to be. It screws us all.

I encourage you to post parties, music, and ideas that pertain to this revolution. Push forward creativity and open your minds to new experiences and be free. And quit giving the DJ crap.

You can join the revolution (in part) here:
Not Your Jukebox

2 thoughts on “The “Not Your Jukebox” Rant

  1. I agree with you that a DJ and a Jukebox are 2 separate things and that one should not be confused for the other. I want to go further to say to club owners that arranging and blending that music in an order so that patrons come back night after night (w/end after w/end) is what it is all about.

    The problem I have here is the fact that you want only ‘weathered’ DJs to have/play that music and that it must be exclusive to the clubs.

    DJ’ing like all other art-forms should be open to anyone that wishes to take up the challenge. Like for instance photography – anyone can buy all of the items used to take excellent pics, from the camera to the lightning… to the studio if needs be. The difference is that the truly gifted use their medium to tell a story.

    Digital DJing and the accessibility of things on the internet has allowed the average person to gain access to genres like Dutch House, remix artists like “Volkan Saki & Rockwell S” – using those gems to throw something into a set that can never be repeated on a radio station – or even a jukebox.

    Something that you seem to overlook is the fact that the art will live on long after we have gone and that DJing, just like any other artform, will always be influenced by newer technologies.

    I remember having to wait 3 days for prints to be developed before I could see the pictures taken with my camera. Should we go back there? OR should we move on?

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